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About Us

CEO Greeting

As CEO of SL Tech, I would like to welcome you to SL Tech’s website.

SL Tech, in support of technological supremacy, strove for the boost of technological competitiveness while also making continuous investments to new technologies and R&D, was able to accumulate experiences and technologies in a variety of industrial areas including display, vision, automated devices, and software development thanks to the support of our customers.

All of our employees will continue to better and specialize ourselves, rather than being complacent, in order to relentlessly adopt ourselves with creativity and can–do spirit to the demands in the era of limitless competition.

We will continue to respond with the products that are wanted and loved by our customers that can satisfy them with the best technology and top qualities based on the know–-hows we have acquired from our experiences out in the field,
We appreciate your continued interest and welcome your feedback.

Thank you.
Im Gyo Seo, CEO of SL Tech
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